Mark R. Ochoa

Putting together a style for my clients can be done in any number of ways. The most important component to making it work is the transition – a color, a select piece of furniture – as long as there is an element that ties it all together, you can make the transition from contemporary to traditional to Asian to whatever best defines the personal style of my client and their home.

“Seven years ago while visiting Southern California from Pennsylvania, I fell in love with Mark’s taste while looking through the windows of his former shop in Newport Beach. Everything was simply gorgeous. Since that time, Mark has refashioned the interior of my entire house which now looks more beautiful than most featured homes in the best design magazines. I have never met anyone who has more enthusiasm and flair for design and color while still maintaining a practical sense of how you live in a home.” 

Mrs. E., Pittsburgh, PA

 “It is difficult to put into words how much I appreciated Mark’s decorating abilities and kind, jovial spirit. It is always a pleasure to work with someone who wants nothing more than to give you quality work completed on time. We are enjoying all the wonderful compliments from our patients and I know they all appreciate that the doctors wanted to provide them with comfort and pleasant surroundings during their testing and office visits.”

Cardiovascular Care, Inc., Los Alamitos, CA